Leveraging AI to win more Media Ad-sales RFPs

You could use a one-size-fits-all approach to media sales, leaning on your commercial team as strategists. Or you could upskill your sales team with RFP Magic

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TL;DR: The media pitch process is intense, with teams under constant pressure to generate revenue amidst personnel changes and an ever-shifting content calendar. RFP Assistant, an AI-powered workflow, can support teams by automating the ideation process and helping teams deliver strategic pitches at scale. Our AI, trained specifically on your data, can produce culturally relevant ideas quickly, ensuring pitches are timely and resonate with the target audience. Experience the efficiency with our Lexus demo, and let's redefine the future of media ad sales together.

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Every day, thousands of RFPs flow from media agencies and brands to media platforms, often looking for custom creative solution pitches within days. With every other platform looking to leverage cultural moments, media teams need to find the right moments that fit both your audience profile and the brand’s objectives.

This makes the pitch process labor-intensive, time-sensitive, and high-pressure. With billions of dollars of revenue up for grabs every year, teams need to convert as much as possible. That’s a lot of revenue generation pressure on a single team.

Across the industry, the trend shows that sales teams are under-resourced, go through more personnel changes than other company departments, and in the past year have seen a lot of layoffs. Putting even more pressure on winning deals. 

The reality is that teams struggle to consistently come up with new ideas for existing inventory and properties, and stay on top of a shifting content calendar.

It’s stressful, but it need not be.

AI-powered workflows upskill your teams

What if the bulk of this work was completed on auto-pilot, providing your team with unbiased, creative ideation stimuli that have already been tested against your client’s target audience. 

Preparing the ideation and decks for your team, allowing them to focus on strategic and high-level pitches to really make a dent in your sales targets. 

  • Creativity Unleashed: Bypass the mundane research period. AI seamlessly plugs into your workflow, turbocharging the ideation of brand-specific creative concepts.

  • Sales Meets Strategy: Imagine a sales team that's not just about numbers but about narrative. Providing tools and creative inspiration to pitch clients on the fly, providing a broader picture, and enriching the sales narrative. It's not just selling; it's storytelling.

  • Ideas that Resonate: By training AI on your audience data, we can create an innovative way of pre-testing and validating ideas that will resonate with your client’s audience, an unfair advantage over your competitors.

  • Pitches that Pivot: Customizing a pitch deck for different brands? We create tools that customize the pitch to a specific brand or industry, providing more scope for pitches to look-a-like brands

  • Stay Ahead of your Content: Tools that don't just predict; they prepare specific ideas and pitches ahead of your content calendar, creating ideas to pitch at the right time to maximize commercial value.

This increases the cognitive ability of your team, gives them more visibility, and positions them to lead, not just react. Allowing you to scale, and manage overhead while increasing account size and providing your clients with ideas that are pre-tested to work. 

AI-Powered workflows 

This moves beyond using ChatGPT. Our teams are training AI from existing data from your platform, including audience behaviours, ad formats, and intellectual property. This takes the heavy lift away from your sales and creative teams.

Further fine-tuning the AI based on data from your existing creative ideas enables AI to create on-target idea starters and ideation brainstorms for your teams. By simply uploading an incoming brief and selecting audience targets and known formats, our AI service can help your team come up with breakthrough ideas in a fraction of the usual time.

The Bigger Picture

It's not merely about quick turnarounds but ensuring those turnarounds make a genuine impact. AI-generated insights, ideation, and idea validation help teams to create pitches that find their mark more precisely.

This tool is real; to see it in action, check out this demo. The tool is used to respond to an incoming brief for Lexus.

Watch as; 

  • The incoming RFP is uploaded to the platform, and the sales team selects the audience, insights, and media formats.

  • In seconds, the RFP Assistant creates a creative briefing pack for the sales and innovative team to iterate on; it includes an audience strategy, a mind map, and idea starters.

  • The ideas are exported to Google Docs, and the team can work on the ideas live in the document, iterating on different ideas to allow them to submit new ideas for validation

  • Finished ideas can be re-exported to different audiences, providing additional avenues for sales teams to close ideas and find new revenue opportunities.

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